Want to spend a romantic night together while you’re staying with us in Gatlinburg? Go out for a nice dinner at one of the restaurants in Gatlinburg! You’ll have a delicious meal and spend time together. Here are the top 5 restaurants in Gatlinburg perfect for a romantic date night:


1. The Melting Pot

If you want a unique dinner experience, you should eat at The Melting Pot. You don’t just order a meal and have it brought to you. You get to cook your own food at your table, better known as fondue! You can choose a three-course meal or appetizers, entree, or dessert separately. Choose from different cheeses and things to dip in it for your appetizer. For entrees, you get to choose what seasonings your meats are cooked in. Choose from chicken, sirloin, duck, pork, sausage, and more. Dessert includes chocolate fondue with a ton of pastries and fruit to dip. You’ll both love eating at The Melting Pot!


2. Crystelle Creek Restaurant

If you’re looking for romantic restaurants in Gatlinburg, you should eat at Crystelle Creek Restaurant. Their landscaping is beautiful with a romantic feel, especially at night when their 150-foot tree lights up! You can also have a great view of the river if you sit near the windows in the dining room. You’ll find a huge variety of food on their menu, from steak to chicken to Italian dishes. There’s also a ton of seafood options, as well as sandwiches and burgers. Plus, Crystelle Creek has a full-service bar to get drinks to go with your meal.


3. The Peddler

Want to eat at a steakhouse? The Peddler is a great restaurant in Gatlinburg! They serve various kinds of wines, so there’s definitely one that will pair perfectly with your meal. Start out with an appetizer to share, such as oysters on a half shell. Then get your entree: steak, chicken, trout, shrimp, and more. The Peddler also has a full salad bar with all the toppings you love. Be sure to save some room for dessert because they have a huge selection to choose from!


4. Cherokee Grill

A romantic restaurant in Gatlinburg that has a little bit of everything is Cherokee Grill. Try one of their entree salads topped with tuna or chicken. They have burgers and sandwiches for something a little more casual. If you want to eat something a little more fancy, get crab cakes, a New York Strip, or filet mignon. No matter what you decide to eat, you’ll think it’s delicious!


5. Red Oak Bistro

Another unique yet romantic dining experience is at Red Oak Bistro, a restaurant in Gatlinburg in the Arts and Crafts Community. This place is known for its drinks and tapas, which creates a romantic atmosphere. Go out and pick your favorite drink then try the small plates they’re serving that day! The menu changes at Red Oak Bistro weekly, so there are plenty of new things to try. Some things they have had before include a charcuterie board and smoked salmon bruschetta.

You’ll find all kinds of restaurants in Gatlinburg that are perfect for a romantic date night. Want to know about some other things you can do in Gatlinburg? Check out these attractions and restaurants you’ll want to try!