The Magic of Winter in Gatlinburg – Gateway Hotel in Gatlinburg | Edgewater Hotel

Many people visit Gatlinburg over the Christmas holidays. With the shopping, light displays, and area attractions, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Well, the fun doesn’t end at Christmas, it continues throughout the winter months.
If you’ve come to see the Gatlinburg attractions like Gatlinburg Winter Magic, the Trolley Ride of Lights, Ober Gatlinburg, or the Smoky Mountains, then staying in downtown Gatlinburg is will ensure you that you will enjoy all the activities and be close to all the attractions.
Gatlinburg Winter Magic turns the city into a winter wonderland. Gatlinburg Winter Magic began in 1989 and has grown to attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors. The winter display features a collection of bright, festive, colorful lights in addition to a characters displayed in winter scenes. New scenes are added in January featuring winter scenes and romance to lead up to Valentine’s Day and the romantic month of February.
The lighting and character displays brighten up Gatlinburg’s famous downtown Parkway and River Road. The displays feature animals that visitors are accustomed to seeing in the Great Smoky Mountains. Deer, foxes, squirrels, and rabbits are lit up to create a magical scene. Additions, like snowmen, dancing fountains, and a shiny rocking horse have joined the fun.
Gatlinburg’s Winter Magic has joined in the city’s efforts to make the place more environmentally friendly. The lighting displays have converted from incandescent lighting to the LED lighting. The conversion will save the city 95 percent in energy costs and allows Gatlinburg to be lit up for 120 days for what it cost for three days in years past.
Downtown Gatlinburg is the jumping off point for the city’s popular Trolley Ride of Lights. The attraction features a specially designed trolley that transports visitors on a festive and memorable journey. The Trolley Ride of Lights departs from the city’s trolley center located at Traffic Light #5 on the downtown Parkway. Throughout January, the rides are available on Saturdays and embark at 6:30, 7:30, and 8:30 p.m.
For those who like a little adventure with their Gatlinburg vacation, Ober Gatlinburg is the answer. Named as one of the top ten ski destinations in the United States, Ober Gatlinburg has something for the whole family. Ice skating, snow tubing, snow boarding, and of course, skiing are the reasons that hundreds of thousands of visitors flock to Ober Gatlinburg during the winter months.
A trip to the Smoky Mountains during the winter months can be peaceful. Winter in the Smokies can be generally moderate, but higher elevations can experience snowstorms with accumulation up to two feet. The winter months in Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains are off-peak time, so visitors can avoid the crowds and really enjoy the attractions to their fullest.
To get the maximum enjoyment from your winter Gatlinburg vacation, tourists often stay downtown, like at the Edgewater Hotel and Convention Center. Staying downtown reduces the risk of traveling on impassable roadways during the winter. Also, staying downtown ensures that you’ll be close to all the popular winter attractions.