The Advantages of Staying in the Hotel – Gateway Hotel in Gatlinburg | Edgewater Hotel

No matter what season, a long weekend getaway to Gatlinburg is the perfect way to enjoy the Smoky Mountains, see the sights, and relax. Some people think that a cabin is the only way to enjoy the mountains, however, the Edgewater Hotel and Resort is steps away from the entrance to the National Park plus it offers all the convenience to being in the heart of Gatlinburg. Picture this: You’ve driven five hours with two kids. You’ve had to stop three times and settle 47 arguments on the way. Then, you have to drive to a cabin rental office, stand in line for 20 minutes to pick up the key to a cabin that is another 30 minute drive down a twisty, mountain road. Or, you could complete your trip by driving to the heart of Gatlinburg, parking your car in the garage of the Edgewater Hotel and Resort and checking in. Not only do you save valuable vacation time, but you also save the headache and stress caused by trying to find your rental cabin.

Ponder this: You’re at the cabin rental office at the end of a long drive to Gatlinburg and the rental agent explains that the cabin you were scheduled to stay in has experienced some foundation issues since it’s on the side of a mountain. But, they have another unit. When you get the alternative cabin, it is nothing like the one you thought you were staying at Or, you could stay at the Edgewater Hotel and Resort which offers stability, comfort, convenience, and cleanliness. Imagine this: You’re visiting Gatlinburg and your children, who absolutely love penguins, are excited to go to Ripley’s Aquarium. If you’re staying in a mountain cabin, you have to drive for 30 minutes (while your children are asking “when are we going to get there?”) to get to downtown Gatlinburg and then you have to look for another 15 minutes for a parking spot. Or, you could walk out of the Edgewater Hotel and walk next door to Ripley’s Aquarium.

When considering where to stay during a Gatlinburg getaway, some factors to consider are convenience, value, and relaxation potential. The Edgewater Hotel and Resort offers visitors the convenience of being close to all the Gatlinburg attractions, like shopping, restaurants, and family activities. Another advantage to staying in downtown Gatlinburg compared to a mountain cabin is the value. Staying in the flatlands is a much more economically-friendly choice rather than paying a premium price for a mountain view. Visitors to Gatlinburg who can avoid the city’s traffic snarls can enjoy the maximum relaxation potential possible. Being able to leave your car in the garage and walk to your destination is a great way to prevent and relieve stress. Visitors to Gatlinburg can enjoy all the benefits of a mountain vacation trip when staying in the heart of city at the Edgewater Hotel.