Four of the Best Gatlinburg Distilleries for Award-Winning Moonshine

Although there are thousands of distilleries in the United States, the signature flavors of Gatlinburg distilleries make the Smoky Mountains the ideal place to find your new favorite moonshine. This fascinating mountain region is home to some of the best moonshine tasting experiences, and

A Local Guide to The Best Outdoor Activities in Gatlinburg, TN

Epic outdoor adventures await your next getaway. Whether they’re covered in snow or flush with foliage, the Great Smoky Mountains offer the perfect setting for adrenaline-filled excursions. You’ll discover a slew of outdoor activities in Gatlinburg, and with each adventure, you’ll enjoy a new facet of Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains like never

How to Enjoy the Best Whitewater Rafting in Gatlinburg, TN

Whether you’re interested in family-friendly rafting or a whitewater adventure, the Great Smoky Mountains are the perfect spot for your next expedition into the Tennessee wilderness. Whitewater rafting in Gatlinburg is a unique and exhilarating experience that combines refreshing river rapids

Discover the Best Downtown Gatlinburg Activities for a Memorable Trip

From outdoor adventures to endless family fun, downtown Gatlinburg has a little bit of everything. You can go from playing mini-golf to enjoying a delicious meal in just a matter of steps! Best of all, most of these fantastic Gatlinburg attractions are just a short walk from Edgewater Hotel. Discover the many wonderful and