Nestled in the picturesque setting of downtown Gatlinburg, Tennessee, a place known for its stunning natural beauty and family-friendly attractions, lies an oasis for automobile enthusiasts—Speedwerkz Exotic Car Experience. But don’t let the quaint, laid-back atmosphere of its surroundings fool you; this museum is turbocharged with excitement and provides a visceral experience for anyone who has ever fantasized about being behind the wheel of an exotic car.

Speedwerkz outside

A Showroom Like No Other
Walking into Speedwerkz feels like stepping into a temple dedicated to automotive engineering and design. Polished, gleaming floors mirror the immaculate beauty of the exotic cars on display. Each vehicle, whether it’s a Lamborghini or Ferrari or another high end model, is showcased on an illuminated turntable. The turntables allow visitors to admire the vehicles from every angle. The well-thought-out lighting, strategically placed to capture the unique curves and vibrant paint jobs of each car, adds another layer of allure. Each turntable has a mirror surface, amplifying the overall experience.

Speedwerkz automobiles

More Than Just Eye Candy
The museum’s curators have taken great care to ensure that each exhibit is not just visually stimulating but also educational. Informative plaques accompany each vehicle, detailing its specs, demonstrating why it deserves its place among the greats. These cars have some truly amazing stats! You want horsepower? This is the place.

Speedwerkz automobile

Get Behind the Wheel—Virtually
Perhaps one of the most exciting features of Speedwerkz is the simulation area. Feel the revs of the engine through the steering wheel and immerse yourself in photorealistic tracks. Whether you choose a track that mimics the winding roads of the Alps or the straights of a professional racetrack, the experience is great fun. It’s the perfect way to test your driving skills in a no-risk environment.

Driving simulator

A Keepsake to Remember
No visit to Speedwerkz would be complete without a visit to the souvenir shop. The carefully curated range of merchandise will allow you to announce your automotive love to the world. You will find something that revs your engine.

Souvenir shop

A Perfect Outing for All Ages
Whether you’re a car enthusiast who can discuss torque and horsepower at length or someone who simply appreciates good design, Speedwerkz Exotic Car Experience offers something for everyone. Parents will find it a perfect way to engage kids in engineering concepts, while children will be captivated by the “cool” factor. Couples can enjoy a unique date experience, perhaps even competing against each other in the simulators. Corporate groups and tourists will find it an unconventional but highly entertaining outing.

Speedwerkz automobile

The Final Lap
In a town where the great outdoors usually steals the show, Speedwerkz Exotic Car Experience provides a different sort of thrill—one that celebrates the union of art and engineering. For anyone who has dreamt of feeling the wind blow through their hair while driving down a freeway in a car that’s more a work of art than a mere vehicle, Speedwerkz brings you one step closer to that dream. It’s not just a museum; it’s an adventure into the exciting world of exotic cars.

Speedwerkz Exotic Car Experience is located at:

467 Parkway
Gatlinburg, TN 37738

Speedwerkz automobile