There are museums all over the country that have huge collections of all kinds of things. You want to see unusual things at a museum because they are interesting. There are several unique museums in Gatlinburg you will want to see. From games to cars, there are all kinds of things being displayed at these attractions. Check out the top 5 unique museums in Gatlinburg you should visit:


1. Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium

A pretty popular place to go to see unusual things on display is Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium. This museum has 16 galleries with over 500 exhibits and artifacts. Guests can interact with certain exhibits in the museum, making it even more fun. You’ll be able to see famous paintings made of out lint, a car covered in crystals, and real shrunken heads. You’ll really have to see all of these things to believe them!


2. Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum

The Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum is full of unique shakers from all over the world. The owners slowly collected over time, then opened a museum so other people could enjoy the collection too. There are vintage shakers from decades ago, and shakers made out of various materials. You’ll also see all kinds of shapes and colors. Plus, admission to this museum in Gatlinburg is pretty affordable; it also goes toward a purchase in the gift shop.


3. Gatlinburg Pinball Museum

If you love to play games, you need to go to the Gatlinburg Pinball Museum. It has all kinds of retro, classic, and modern pinball machines you can look at. Not only can you look at them, you can also play them! Admission to this museum in Gatlinburg allows you to play on any of the games as much as you want. You’ll also find retro arcade games, as well as modern ones, you can play. Kids and adults will want to stay at the Gatlinburg Pinball Museum!


4. Christ in the Smokies Museum

A very unique attraction in Gatlinburg is the Christ in the Smokies Museum. You will find several life-size depictions of Jesus’s life from the Bible using mannequins. There are several plaques up so you can read about the displays and learn more about them. This museum also has beautiful flowering gardens you can walk through and enjoy.


5. Hollywood Star Cars Museum

A pretty popular place for people who love cars and movies is the Hollywood Star Cars Museum. You will see all kinds of cars from your favorite movies and TV shows in this attraction. There are Batmobiles, the jeep from Jurassic Park, the Munsters car, and many more. You can even take pictures in some of your favorites! Everyone will have fun seeing all of these cars in the museum.

These unique museums in Gatlinburg will be entertaining and educational. Since you have an idea of what you will do when you come to the area, you should start planning your next trip. Look through our Gatlinburg hotel rooms and book one today!