Our downtown Gatlinburg hotel has many things that your family will love. Clearly, we are an ideal place to stay if you want to be near Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies; however, we have super deals that will also make your stay enjoyable. These come in the form of ​value packages​, and we’ll show you why these are an important part of your experience with us.


1. Time Saver

Sometimes it’s best not to hassle with getting tickets to an attraction. When you decide on a value package, you make the process less about figuring out the various ways about bundling, and more about simplicity. Staying with us makes it an easier way to get a couple of adult tickets to an attraction without wasting precious time deciding on the complex options that are provided.


2. Easier Vacation Planning

Getting one of our packages also makes it a little easier deciding on how you want to spend your vacation. No one wants to spend countless hours deciding on where they want to stay and what they want to do. As we mentioned with our first reason, simplicity is key, and this will assist you in gathering ideas for how you want to spend the rest of your vacation enjoying the beautiful areas in and around the Smoky Mountains!


3. Great Variety of Activities

We take it upon ourselves to make sure you have the chance to have a well-rounded stay at our downtown Gatlinburg hotel. Your experience will include options that take you to places like the historical excellence that is the ​Titanic Museum​ in Pigeon Forge, or the wonderful exhibition of talent at ​Dolly Parton’s Stampede​. If you want to stay close, we can hook you up with aquarium tickets too! Now you’ll have the option for the very best in the area — and in the most convenient way possible!


4. Kid Friendly

The fact that we give you a nice variety of options means the kids will benefit as well! Even though our packages offer two adult tickets, we feel that’s no excuse not to bring the kids along for these attractions. There’s tons of entertainment value in the packages from our downtown Gatlinburg hotel, and we seriously recommend the kids join you for whichever one suits your interests best!


5. Wonderful Ways to Save

Less time to waste, simpler planning, variety, and fun with the kids all add up to a great overall experience, but the takeaway here is the ways you’ll save. Money can sure add up — and even multiply — when you’re looking to do as many things as possible here. When you take advantage of our vacation packages, you’re ultimately getting a much better deal. And this is something worth checking out before you check-in!

Those are the many ways you’ll enjoy these offers for your family. Come see why our downtown Gatlinburg hotel gives you a pleasant vacation by ​booking your stay​ with the family today!